Prevention Of Relapse

Prevention of relapse

An orthodontic relapse can occur if teeth move positions after the tooth straightening treatment (braces).

Our orthodontists have seen many cases where this has happened and now provide treatments to prevent and treat this problem.

Many patients believe that once their Invisalign treatment has been completed that it is the end of the orthodontic process, however further care is needed to avoid any threat or damage.

Ligaments that connect the teeth to the jaw bone are responsible for pulling teeth.

Orthodontic relapse is the process where these ligaments pull the teeth back after Invisalign.

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After your treatment has been completed your dentist will place a fixed retainer in your mouth on the inside surfaces of the front 4-6 teeth of the arch that has been treated.

On most patients, we also create a removable retainer that looks similar to the clear aligner but is made of a stronger, greater material.

This specific retainer is called Vivera and is constructed using a special technology that helps the retainer to be more rigid and conformative.

Most traditional retainers are prone to relapse of treatment if they are not kept in the correct condition.

Removable and fixed retainers work to hold teeth in the correct position after your treatment has finished.

vivera retainers

This is a removable retainer designed by Invisalign that is usually worn at night to prevent any relapse of your treatment.

It can be used after any type of teeth straightening treatment and is not restrictive to Invisalign and is used for most orthodontic cases.

It is made from a specially patented material which is proven to be 30% stronger than most other leading clear retainer types.

Often Vivera is used as additional support for a fixed retainer such as a Bonded Lingual wire (wire bonded to front teeth on the inside).

This forms a belt and braces approach to prevention of any relapse and ensuring the longevity of the treatment.

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As an adult, you will need to wear your retainers inevitably. This is to prevent any relapse of treatment and ensure success.

The removable retainer is often worn at night only.

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