Invisalign Vs Braces

Invisalign vs braces

Traditional braces vs invisalign: which is better? (pros & cons of each)

In our experience, we often find that the patients often want to know the answer to “which is better; Invisalign or braces?” are either parents or adult patients.

Adult patients want to understand if, in fact, Invisalign is credible and if it works. Whereas, parent patients are exploring different brace options and want to know what works best.

Therefore, because we understand that these private procedures can be costly, we’ve provided the below to ensure you are fully informed on the advantages and disadvantages.

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first things first; are you suitable?

Before you determine whether which procedure will be best, you need to understand if you are a good candidate.

Over recent years, Invisalign has advanced to a place where it is able to treat minor to complex bite cases.

However, there can exist more stubborn bite conditions like complex overbite states that may require wires, brackets and additional force and even in some cases, jaw surgery.

Just like conventional braces, Invisalign treats overbites, underbites, crossbites, crooked or crowded teeth, gaps (up to 6mm) as well as narrow smiles.

Truly discovering if the treatment is viable for your condition will begin with an orthodontic consultation.

Here, we will be able to examine all possibilities and even recommend some discreet systems that you may not even be aware of.

The consultation will determine what can be done to straighten your smile that meets your requirements and specifications.

For example, if you are looking for faster, quicker treatments, we can recommend powerful alignment systems that can be done twice as fast as conventional systems.

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quick overview: braces vs invisalign

With any treatment, there are pros and cons, and selecting the right one for you will depend on your condition and ultimately, a personal decision on which system you’d prefer.

Let’s help make your choice a little easier…

which system is the fastest?


There are different types of Invisalign (see), and each version has a different timeline. For example, Invisalign Go focuses more on aesthetic tweaks and can take as short as 3 months to complete.

Whereas, Invisalign Full is more intense as it targets more complex bite problems like overbites. The max treatment time for this is usually around 12 months.

Metal braces

As they mainly treat complex cases, metal braces aim to straighten teeth gradually over a longer period of time.

The average time for metal braces can take anywhere from 12-36 months. This, on top of the overall appearance of fixed braces, tends to put patients off the idea of getting their teeth straightened at all.

which one do patients rate higher?


Invisalign in this case is rated higher for many reasons; it’s comfortable, fast, easy and straightens teeth more accurately and predictably than any other treatment.

invisalign review

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Metal braces

When patients have their train tracks removed and they are presented with a straight smile means that they are often happy with the results.

However, patients tend to expect a whiter smile on top of a straighter one, but metal braces can sometimes leave marks (discolouration) and cause tartar build up from a lack of being able to clean properly whilst wearing them.

There are many ways we can minimise or remove staining or white spots on the affected teeth. However, the best way to get rid of this staining is likely to avoid it in the first place.

Which are less painful? are aligners more comfortable?


Made from SmartTrack materials, Invisalign sits tight to the gum-line, is invisible and is reported to wear comfortably.

It uses a set or series of custom aligners designed to move your teeth into their next positions through each stage.

When swapping aligners, patients report minimal discomfort, but this is expected as your teeth shift into their new positions and get used to it. According to testimonials, this does not last longer than a few days.

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Metal braces

Anyone who has ever received fixed braces has complained of the pain of having them tightened or having them initially put on.

However, it won’t be hugely painful and is completely manageable. More pressure may be felt when the orthodontist works to position bands around your back molars and as your teeth tighten into place when the orthodontic wire is engaged into the brackets.

How many appointments are needed?


Invisalign is often completed in three easy appointments; your consultation, delivery appointment and review.

There may be a few little check-ups to determine how your teeth are moving. However, these will be very short, often taking no longer than 10 or so minutes.

Metal braces

The initial appointment will take around two hours to attach your braces.

Reoccuring dental visits to the orthodontist to have braces tightened will be required every 6-8 weeks.

So, if you have had braces for two years, you will likely visit the dentist around 17 times.

do they have any limitations?


Even though regular overbites may be addressed, severe and complex overbite cases may not be treatable.

Other disadvantages of Invisalign:

  • Cannot shift teeth into correct alignment if rotated too much
  • If teeth are too short, they may not be able to work as effectively
  • Cannot close gaps larger than 6mm

Metal braces

  • Limits the foods you can eat
  • Disrupts physical activity
  • Obvious appearance

What looks better?


One of this system’s greatest advantages is that it is barely noticeable. The clear aligners are highly transparent and blend in with patients wanting to seek their treatment privately.

Metal braces

Because metal braces are constructed from metal, they come with negative connotations like “brace face” and “metal mouth”.

Not so discreet, metal braces are very obvious in the mouth. However, there are newer models, which include tooth-coloured braces or lingual braces, which are less obvious but still visible.

Which is the best for oral health?


What’s great about Invisalign is that it’s removable. But you may be thinking “so?” But this actually translates to mean that your oral health can strengthen and improve.

As the aligners are taken out to eat, drink, brush and floss there is no interruption to any oral hygiene routine. In fact, it actually increases your oral health because you will be required to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid destroying the clarity of the aligners.

Metal braces

As conventional braces are attached to the teeth they can cause barriers when cleaning, brushing and flossing.

This can lead to the development of decay or gum disease.

However, metal braces are the most effective at correcting severely overcrowded mouths, which having corrected can benefit your oral health tremendously.

which brace option is the cheapest?


Different types of Invisalign cost different amounts; for example, Invisalign Go costs £2,000 as it concentrates on the visible smile, whereas Invisalign Full can cost up to £5,000.

More: Invisalign Costs

Metal braces

Metal braces are free on the NHS for patients under the age of 18. Not offered to adult patients (only in rare cases), they can cost anywhere from £500-£2,500.

Whilst they are slightly more affordable than Invisalign, so if you are just looking at the cost of the two treatments, then metal braces would be the winner. However, Invisalign has qualities that make it better value for money.

Which offers the fastest aftercare processes?


You will be required to wear an unobtrusive aligner for 12-22 hours a day within the first 3-6 months following treatment to avoid relapse or retention.

From here, you will be required to wear a retainer only in the nighttime over the next 6-12 months.

Metal braces

Many patients are tasked to wear a retainer all day, every day, for a period of 4 months. Whilst others will be instructed to wear theirs for 12 months.

It is the opinion of many specialist orthodontists that you consistently wear your retainer every night, indefinitely after having braces removed.

compare invisalign against other brace systems

ConsiderationsInvisalignTraditional Braces
DurationWorn 22 hours a day (3-12 months)Cemented 24/7 (18 months)
MaintenanceAligners need to be kept clean by brushing and rinsingBrush teeth whilst wearing braces and floss
AppointmentsInitial consultation, fitting appointment and reviewRegular visits to get braces tightened and final removal
AftercareRequires a retainerRequires a retainer
Ideal forChildren, teens and adultsComplex dental problems

Before & After Pictures

your complete guide to invisalign

Thinking of pursuing the treatment? Below are helpful links and resources to educate you fully about the innovative treatment.

The process starts with a FREE discovery consultation where we discuss your needs and requirements with a Computerised Photographic Assessment to help you understand the possibilities.

We are at this stage, able to assist you with potential options available to you.

Depending on your requirements we can customize and tailor-make individual treatments plan to suit your needs and budgets.

We can also provide you with a computer-aided smile analysis and a handcrafted Trial Preview, to gives you the opportunity to see your smile before we even touch your teeth.

We also use Bite Analysis technology to ensure a long-lasting, comfortable and healthy final result.

what bite problems invisalign treats

Invisalign treatment can be used to widely correct many orthodontic issues.

The procedure solves oral problems like:

  • Overcrowding, which causes crooked teeth
  • Diastema; spaces between teeth
  • Overjets
  • Narrow buccal corridors also referred to as narrow smiles/arches
  • Underbites
  • Rotated teeth
  • Crossbite

For the best results, you will be required to wear your aligners for 22 hours each day. They can be removed to eat, drink, floss and brush.

Yes, in order to avoid retention, retainers are to be worn following treatment – the length of time will vary from patient to patient and will be advised by the dentist during your consultation.

Invisalign timeline and steps

  • STEP 1: Comprehensive Assessment
  • STEP 2: Digital 3D CliniCheck Simulation
  • STEP 3: Personalised Aligner Manufacture
  • STEP 4: Fitting of Aligner
  • STEP 5: Review and Adjustment
  • STEP 6: Fixed & Vivera Retainer
  • STEP 7: Review
  • STEP 8: Refinement and Enhancement

We know that seeing is believing and with Invisalign SmileView, you can do exactly that; see your new smile.

All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself smiling to Invisalign in order to see how powerful the aligners could be to transform your smile and teeth.

You can upload via your mobile device and laptop and in just 30 seconds you can visualise what your smile could look like.

Take your selfie.

When visiting our practice for a consultation, we will show you a computer-generated simulation of your smile, so please do bear in mind that we will do extra work here to meet your requirements and expectations, so our results may vary slightly. But rest assured, the results will be great!

  • Removable
  • Invisible
  • Strengthens oral health
  • Does not disrupt the day-to-day
  • Treatment is done at home and in private
  • Fewer dental appointments
  • Monthly orthodontic readjustments
  • More comfortable
  • Powerful
  • Results are noticeable in just a few weeks
  • Faster
  • No wires, no brackets, no bands and no metal

See them all.

An unparalleled level of patient trust: Dr Rahul Doshi is the founder of the Perfect Smile and is the current President of the BACD. He is also rated one of the top 50 influential dentists in the UK.

With over 25 years of experience, Perfect Smile Studios has a highly skilled team that has access to the latest dental technology.

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One of the best Invisalign providers in not just the UK, but Europe. This status means the practice has completed hundreds and hundreds of Invisalign cases making them one of the most experienced Invisalign doctors.

Some discomfort can be experienced when wearing them for the first time as your mouth get used to them, however, this is nothing compared to the discomfort experienced when braces are tightened or placed. Made from SmartTrack materials, Invisalign is designed to be comfortable and non-disruptive to daily lives or activities.

You will be provided with spares in case this happens! However, if you have lost your spare you should get in touch with us immediately so we can organise for a new one to be sent to you.

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