How Long Will The Treatment Take

How long does treatment take?

Our dentists highly recommend Invisalign for children, teens and adults. 

This is because it is truly one of the best options for straightening smiles and targeting imperfections.

The average treatment duration for Invisalign can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months depending on your bite problem and the type of Invisalign chosen.

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the average length of Treatments

Clearly, Invisalign treatment times will vary and be different from person to person. Generally, patients can expect treatments to take anywhere from 3 months to one year.

  • Invisalign Go (for quick and minor fixes): Typically takes 3-4 months. Can fix spacing issues, mild and moderate crowding, which are considered short, cosmetic corrections.
  • Invisalign First (for children): Takes around 8 months. Mainly designed to move children’s teeth into better positions as their mouth grow.
  • Invisalign Lite (small corrections): Treatment times are 4-8 months. Designed to be fast and successful for class 1 malocclusions.
  • Invisalign Full (for more serious class II malocclusions): Shortest treatment times are often 12 months. This is because this variation of Invisalign is designed to target more serious conditions, which will take longer to move into correct alignment.

Many Invisalign patients will begin to see a noticeable difference within just 2-3 months.

can invisalign take longer than expected

Often we find, when Invisalign treatments are taking longer than expected or originally planned out, it is often because patients have not been wearing their aligners as frequently as prescribed.

These clear aligners will need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

The length of treatment can depend on

The final results you are trying to achieve:

In some instances, teeth need to be moved very slowly to achieve the desired aesthetics.

In other instances, teeth may need to be moved at a normal rate since there are no predisposing factors to consider.

The complexity of your condition:

More complex treatment plans often have more involvement and hence can take a little longer.

The severity of your treatment:

Some treatments take longer than others and this can affect how long it takes to complete the entire treatment plan.

For example, if the Invisalign treatment is integrated with implant treatment, often the Implant treatment can take several months and the timing of the Invisalign treatment has to be adjusted accordingly.

The pre-existing oral health state and condition of your teeth and gums:

We need to stabilize and treat any active decay or gum infection before we commence with any form of teeth straightening procedure.

The consultant will carry out mouth assessments to identify any problems.

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one of the fastest procedures

However, due to the predictable nature of this treatment, we can opt to either slow or hasten the progress.

Special features of the 3D ClinCheck technology give the orthodontist greater control to produce the best outcome that correlates with your specific needs and lifestyle.

On some occasions, we may even adapt the treatment plan so that the most visible aspects are treated before the entire smile is corrected.

The fastest version is invisalign go

This is especially useful for people looking good for a specific occasion like their wedding.

This means that we correct the front part of the smile for the event and then reactivate the treatment to correct the entire smile after the event.

This is an example of the high level of control possible with this type of aligner.

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advantages of invisalign

  1. A whiter, straighter and brighter smile
  2. More precise and accurate
  3. Corrects misaligned, crooked teeth and overbites
  4. Safe, discreet and removable
  5. Diminishes the risk of cavities and gum disease
  6. Improved oral health and hygiene

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compare invisalign against other brace systems

ConsiderationsInvisalignTraditional Braces
DurationWorn 22 hours a day (3-12 months)Cemented 24/7 (18 months)
MaintenanceAligners need to be kept clean by brushing and rinsingBrush teeth whilst wearing braces and floss
AppointmentsInitial consultation, fitting appointment and reviewRegular visits to get braces tightened and final removal
AftercareRequires a retainerRequires a retainer
Ideal forChildren, teens and adultsComplex dental problems