Hygiene consultations

A robust and healthy mouth for the future

This is a consultation and evaluation with our Hygiene Therapist. A hygiene therapist is more qualified than a simple hygienist and can perform more advanced treatments and assessments.

Our therapist follows a prescribed treatment plan outlined by the referring dentist or Periodontist. This will have been based upon your comprehensive assessment with the dentist.

The hygiene therapist then carries out a further evaluation to facilitate the treatment in the right direction. The fee for this consultation is £125.

hygiene therapist assessment includes:

  • Medical History check. Certain factors in your medical situation may enhance gum disease. These can include pregnancy, diabetes and diabetic medication, and immunosuppressant cases. Therefore, it is essential to have advice on how to maintain your oral health and body health.
  • Plaque Index. This is a measurement of the percentage of teeth with plaque on them. We measure all visible surfaces of teeth.
  • Bleeding Index. This is a measurement of the areas of your mouth that have inflamed gums that easily bleed when touched. Healthy gums should not bleed in this manner. We can obtain a percentage measurement.
  • Gum measurements are called the 6 Point Pocket Chart (6ppc). This will help us to check to what extent the various parts of your mouth are infected. We can also check for healing when comparing results measured on different days.
  • Mobility Assessment. Here is the check for looseness of any teeth. Mobile teeth are given a Grade from 1 to 3. This is because these teeth have lost much of their attachment to the bone.
  • Vertical and horizontal bone loss. This is examined using radiographs (X-rays) that help to understand the depth of infection involved. Most of these radiographs will have been taken during Treatment Planning with the dentist.
  • Check Oral hygiene. The hygienist will be able to provide you with oral hygiene advice according to your dentition.
  • Check for any detrimental habits. If you have any personal habits that are causing damage to your teeth and gums, the hygienist will discuss these with you and find possible solutions.
  • Check  previous hygiene treatment. It is always healthy to compare treatment done previously with your current situation so that we can see if you are progressing or
  • Check of Dental Restorations. The hygienist will ensure that all your dental fillings and restorations are smooth and that these teeth are easy to clean. If teeth have overhangs or are rough, then they may attract plaque.
  • Diet Advice. This is important to prevent bacteria or acid from your diet, causing further damage to your teeth via decay or erosion. Find out more.
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Hygiene therapist treatments include:

  • Assessment and Consultations
  • Taking of radiographs (X-rays) as and when necessary
  • Oral hygiene advice and Diet advice
  • Superficial cleaning of your teeth without local anaesthetic.
  • Polishing your teeth
  • Deeper cleaning of your teeth with or without local anaesthetic, depending on the individual case.
  • Fissure Sealants/Small fillings
  • Teeth whitening treatments
  • Any other prescribed treatment

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Follow-up appointments are necessary to make sure that your treatment remains stable and free from infection. So what questions are we frequently asked?

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Depending on the treatment you’re interested in, the consultation will allow you and your dentist to assess all the possible options for you. Our consultations include various assessments of your mouth that give us an invaluable insight that you’ll be able to see in a report.

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