Mix and Match Dentistry Treatments to Get Your Perfect Smile

What if you could mix and match your dentistry? Do you think you could get your ideal smile? Can having natural looking, whiter and straighter teeth be your perfect solution to a great smile?

Due to celebrity promotion and the media push many people are now aware of the most popular treatments such as full smile designs using traditional veneers and smile makeovers in dentistry.

Check out our digital smile designing.

danielleafter daniellebeforeIn fact, for many simply having less crooked teeth, perhaps whiter teeth and just marginal re-shaping of their teeth can be enough to fulfill their needs and requirements.

These alternative dental treatments are vast and varied and can use a combination of multiple methods to achieve the final look. Find out more.

They also give you the most natural result of all since there are still some “discrepancies” but not enough to ruin what most would call a natural smile.

Simple & effective dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry can correct a range of flaws
  • It can help you to look younger and feel more confident
  • Can help to enhance your career
  • It can help to prevent any dental damage in the future

Short term adult orthodontic treatments

This includes procedures such as 6 month smiles and clear braces.

These treatments only take an average of six month to complete and also use appealing and inconspicuous braces. Find out more.

Teeth whitening treatment systems

Here we can advise you as to the most suitable system for you and you can get great results with whiter teeth.

Minor bonding techniques

These allow for certain teeth to have their shape and form altered becoming more enhancing.

You have total control as to which teeth you involve and which you don’t. The multiple faceted porcelain and composite colours have allowed for this treatment to give suitable results.

Find out more regarding dentists and their techniques. Click here.

No preparation no drill Ultrathin Veneers

Here no actual tooth cutting is done.

Your dentist will simply design your new smile and “fix” it on your teeth. You do end up with a very natural perfect smile.


These are a combination of treatments that allow simple and tiny changes to the teeth but collectively give the illusion of a nicer smile.

They include treatments like micro-rotation, micro contouring and micro-veneers. More information.

Immediate Veneers

These are smile design work that is carried out in a single appointment.

In fact, you will leave the practice with beautiful looking teeth. This technique takes advantage adhesive dentistry and layering techniques. Find out more.

A treatment process suited to your needs

The best thing about these techniques is that you can mix and match your dentistry to suit you under the guidance and advice of our highly skilled dentist. See: Values.

This gives you more control of both budgets and treatment results. You can decide what constitutes a perfect smile for you.

In order for you to discuss these solutions further we are offering complimentary consultations where we can also offer you a whole host of special offers that will be most cost-effective for you. Find your nearest practice in W1 & SG14.

To take advantage of these offers us on 01992 552115.

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In Japan, a new trend is gripping the fashion conscious as women are paying to have teeth straightening treatment to purposefully disarrange teeth and make them look crooked!

Also, studies have revealed that many of these fads and trends have all had one thing in common – a fixation with youth. It’s all about looking 10 years younger.

We can help you have natural looking teeth that look great and help you to appear younger. Learn more.


Our FAQ Videos Please take a look at the videos we have all about Aesthetic Dentistry.

We hope this helps you choose the right treatment for you. If not, we offer a free consultation where you will meet with a treatment coordinator to discuss the best options for you.

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David Bloom offered some guidance when treatment planning to deal with missing anterior teeth and the importance of the incisal edge.

Replacement of missing anterior teeth can be challenging at the best of times, especially after having considered all the factors that integrate into an end design that provides both aesthetic and functional advantages.

Treatment planning and advice given to patients should include all possible options available.