Advantages of a new Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has taken a huge step into the future and is now encompassing treatments where you get to have your teeth straightened without anyone even noticing that you are having anything done. Find out more.

These days a very popular treatment is to have teeth straightening treatment using invisible braces. This  orthodontic treatment can be used to straighten teeth that are crooked, or have spaces between them, gappy or incorrectly positions. It is a quick and efficient type of treatment to re-establish a good smile. Click here.

Benefits of Clear Braces:Invisible braces

  • Treatment is quicker than traditional metal braces
  • It’s more appealing  dentistry since there is no drilling
  • Inconspicuous treatment due to the invisible braces
  • Very comfortable orthodontic treatment
  • The clear braces are healthier for your mouth since you can remove them to eat and clean your teeth.

The team at The Perfect Smile Studios has a  team to take care of all your needs. Meet them here.

 They consist of specialists and experienced and skilled dentists that can help you in whichever area applies to you:

Experts in various types of teeth straightening orthodontic treatment including the latest clear brace treatments.

  • Dentists

They use all the technology and new innovations to do everything that falls under the heading of  dentistry.

Completes restorative work to rebuild your teeth.

  • Implantologist

Puts in new teeth/implants in places where you need teeth but have a gap.

Can help you to have healthy gums and foundation for your teeth.

  • Hygiene team

Helps remove plaque, tartar and stains from your teeth.

Combining treatments

As you can see invisible brace orthodontic treatment has many advantages but more often than not most people need multiple specialities to work together to produce the best results. More information.

For example, if you have teeth straightening treatment you may still want to have teeth whitening treatment and need hygiene treatment.

Our team has the abilities to create beautiful looking teeth that are based on a healthy foundation. For this reason we like to assess your mouth in detail to create the most appropriate treatment plans that have the most suitable treatments that occur in the correct order to maintain health and longevity of your teeth, mouth and smile. Read more.

Hence, we are offering you a free consultation to discuss things with you, advise you and find you a way forward. Often success is about the correct timing, the correct technology and the correct people to do the job!

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There are now many opportunities available for people wishing to improve the look of their smile.

If you are considering getting straight teeth, the British Orthodontic Society has published some advice about exactly what your options are, and what you can expect from your orthodontist.

Your choice of brace Firstly, the BOS website explains the varieties of braces that are available to patients.


In Japan, a new trend is gripping the fashion conscious as women are paying to have teeth straightening treatment to purposefully disarrange teeth and make them look crooked!

Also, studies have revealed that many of these fads and trends have all had one thing in common – a fixation with youth.

It’s all about looking 10 years younger. We can help you have natural looking teeth that look great, and help you to appear younger.