How to Get Meghan Markle’s Bright, White Smile

Meghan Markle’s Teeth will be the Most Requested Look of 2019

Since the official announcement back in 2018 of Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s wedding, there has been an increasing trend towards a request for a smile makeover that looks similar to the Duchess of Sussex’s teeth.

It’s the much talked about ‘smile’ that won over Prince Harry. But what exactly makes the Meghan Smile so endearing?

Meghan Markle Smile Makeover

As a High School student, Megan Markle had a gap between her front two central incisor teeth (what we call a Midline Diastema).

However, looking at photographs of Meghan as an actress, she has transformed herself with a nice white smile without any gaps.

This suggests that perhaps Meghan did undergo some dental treatment that involved orthodontic teeth straightening work or porcelain veneer work.

She also appears to have had some contouring and reshaping done of her teeth especially her canines.

Her smile is obviously whiter which suggests some teeth whitening treatment or again as part of her porcelain work.

The resulting smile is a natural-looking one yet has all the features of a designed smile.

The Meghan Smile

Looking closely at the Duchess of Sussex’s teeth there are a few things that make it desirable:

  • Teeth Alignment. Her teeth are not completely perfectly aligned but they still give the appearance of straight looking teeth.
  • Correct Golden proportions. The general teeth proportion aspect of the smile seems to be good. It is based upon the Golden Ratio of the width of the front six teeth as established by the Italian mathematician, Fibonacci. It states that the width of the central incisor to lateral incisor to the canine is 1.6:1:0.6 as a ratio. This creates a pleasant symmetry and harmony with the Duchess’s face producing a smile that looks great and one that belongs to her. 
  • Width Length Ratio. They are a tad shorter in length than what would be considered “normal”. However, they seem to suit her very well. Her teeth are what we would consider ‘more’ squarer than rectangular.
  • Wide buccal corridors. “Buccal corridors” are the dental term used to describe the spaces left at the corners of the mouth when smiling due to having a narrow upper arch form. The Duchess of Sussex has a wide full smile, thus becoming a nice feature of her face. This indicates that she has a wider arch form so that the teeth can “fill” up her smile. This is generally the desired effect for a beautiful looking smile and is commonly created with adult teeth straightening treatments like Invisalign.
  • Colour. The colour of her teeth appears “whiter” because they match the whites of her eyes and do not have underlying yellow hues. A great colour is one that is not too white nor too yellow such that it doesn’t balance with the whole face. Establishing a tooth colour that harmonises with the whites of the eyes creates a perfect colour white. This is quite commonly achieved in teeth whitening treatments or in highly aesthetic porcelain work.
  • The correct amount of gum is visible. A nice smile doesn’t have too much gum showing or too little. The dental design is created as such that the upper lip line sits just above the upper teeth, enough to show the gum margin of the teeth but no more. This can be easily seen in Meghan Markle’s teeth.
  • Incisal edges of the top teeth. As with a nicely designed new smile, the edges of all the top teeth in her smile all follow the lower lip line.
  • Small imperfections. Meghan Markle has subtle discrepancies in her incisors. The left front central incisor seems to be a tad in front of the right one. Also, the small incisor front teeth seem not so perfect looking especially at the edge. This may be because of tooth wear from chewing or may have been purposely created. Regardless, it adds a natural dimension to her look. These imperfections suggest teeth straightening treatment has been carried out.
  • Correct tooth contours. The Duchess of Sussex’s smile seems to have undergone some type of tooth contouring. This is especially notable in her canines which were once upon a time sharper and less rounded. Good contours of the teeth that follow the lip in a balanced way create a beautiful outcome.
  • Hollywood Vs Natural. The Duchess of Sussex’s smile has some aspects of Hollywood glamour but also the realistic naturalness that makes the smile appear down to earth. It is not overly highly glossy and bright white as you would expect in a normal Hollywood smile. Yet, the teeth give the appearance of a great-looking smile.


Multiple options available for a Smile Makeover

These days there are multiple options available for a Smile Makeover. There are now also various types of celebrities that people are requesting they would like to look like. So, the design of smile created is often based upon:

  • The celebrity of choice.
  • The actual foundation of the mouth as this determines what is possible and what is not.
  • The specific requirements of the patient.


Benefits of a Trial Smile

For this reason, it is very important that the patient has a Trial Smile prior to the final fitting of the new teeth. Often patients have realised that although the particular Celebrity Smile of choice looked good on the celebrity, it may not have quite resonated with the patient once they see it in their own mouth.

A Trial Smile is made of a hard plastic material and allows the patient to see the final smile inside their own mouth.

It is based upon a highly detailed design of a new smile makeover. This way you are able to have control of the final smile and end up with teeth that look like they belong to you.

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How much are image-obsessed celebrities affected by their smiles?

Multiple studies have now proven that a bad smile has a direct consequence on self-confidence and self –esteem.

However, for those that are constantly in the public eye, this must be a point of serious contention.

Your dentist in London will tell you that enhancement dentistry is now so widely available for both the general public and celebrities.