Does Cheryl Cole REALLY have the Perfect Smile?


Cheryl Cole seemingly has a great smile and some people would remark that it is the perfect smile. But what exactly makes up the ingredients of this?

We spoke to celebrity dentist Dr. Rahul Doshi, past dentist of the Smile Clinic to investigated the different aspects that makeup a perfect smile. He explained that a true perfect smile is really about designing a style and shape of teeth with the right shade and tone of white that exactly matches the entire face. He also said that the facial features were key to a great smile.

“The face has a lot to do with the ultimate perception of a great smile. Sometimes even slight discrepancies in a smile are interpreted as a great smile due to specific facial features such as sparkly eyes, high cheekbones and a wide mouth. Also, truly smiling with your eyes enhances the effects of nice looking teeth”, said Dr. Doshi

When designing new smiles and smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry has allowed for considerable maneuver in terms of creativity. There are certain principals that allow for a great smile but adding artistic ability and creativity to the mix calls for a potent concoction resulting in a beautiful stunning smile.

Key Features Contributing to a Great Smile:

✓ Teeth that are in good condition. This means the health of the teeth and gums must be good without gum disease or tooth decay. This is particularly important if more than normal amount of gum is on show.

✓ Shade of white that matches the face. There are many tones and colours that all fall into the category of “white” teeth. It is important to select the correct shade in depth and in the way the light reflects off it.

✓ Shape of teeth that matches the face. This is where true skill and artistry comes to light. Perfect Smile Studios enables beautiful looking teeth by enhancing this feature during its smile makeovers.

✓ A smile where the edge of the teeth follow the contours of the lips.

✓ The proportion of teeth that show in a smile (often called the golden proportion) must be in harmony with smile design and dentistry techniques

✓ The teeth must protrude to the correct amount and the alignment of the teeth must be in harmony with the face.

Key Facial Features Contributing to a Great Smile:

✓ High cheek bone

✓ Slender chin

✓ Wide mouth

✓ Fuller lips

✓ “Smiley” eyes

✓ Overall facial shape

✓ Smiling technique

✓ Good facial symmetry

Cheryl Cole seems to have many of these features and they combine to produce the stunning smile that has worked so hard to get her ahead in her career.

To change and alter our facial features is quite a task but a simpler solution to a great smile is to enhance the teeth and gums and let them reflect your true smiley self.

There are now many treatments and solutions available  that can help you too achieve the “Cheryl Cole” Smile Factor. They can range from simple whitening treatments and mini-smile makeovers to amazing full smile makeover with comprehensive planning. The choice is yours.

In order to enable you to discover your very own “Cheryl Cole” Smile Factor we have put together a “WHITE SMILES” package. This will give you multiple opportunities to see what type of smile you feel you would like to consider.

“WHITE SMILE” package includes:

o A Free Photographic Analysis of your smile

o A Free Smile Imaging

o A Free Consultation about your smile

o A Free Mockup Smile to give you a preview in your mouth (reversible)

o A Free Financial Options Consultation

o A preview of other cases

o A chat about how the latest state-of-the-art technologies can make a new smile a reality for you.

o 10% OFF any Treatment Plan accepted

To take advantage of this Special Offer, call our studios on 01992 552115 today.

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Find out what your dentist really thinks about that perfect smile and get to know the real in’s and out’s of dentistry in this fantastic revealing interview with Dr. Rahul Doshi of The Perfect Smile Studios.

Dr Rahul Doshi is a celebrity cosmetic dentist whose work is regularly featured in the national media, including Extreme Makeover UK.

The Clinical Director of leading dental publication Premium Practice Dentistry, he is also Clinical Director at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute.