Celebrities with Bad Teeth

Research states that a great smile can have a tremendous affect on our well being and self confidence. This is especially true of those that are constantly in the media attention like celebrities.

However, The Perfect Smile Studios has been looking into some celebrities that seem to carry-off the discrepancies in their smiles famously. These celebrities are proving that unattractive teeth as oppose to a perfect looking smile can actually be an asset and help in their careers by defining them.

Melanie Chisholm

The former Spice Girl seems to have integrated her smile into her personality brilliantly. So much so that we hardly notice that her smile is far from the perfect smile. However, Mel’s uneven gum line doesn’t seem to bother her or anyone else!

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten seems to have really made her smile work for her naturally. In fact, Kirsten just wouldn’t be Kirsten without her smile. We have all got to see her smile as part of her character and personality. Also, she seems to carry off her smile quite well without any negative consequences.

Jeremy Clarkson

Perhaps we don’t focus on Jeremy’s smile as much become we are constantly being engaged with a nail biting show of speed and exhilaration. Either way we are more interested in what he has to say as oppose to what he looks like. Also, Jeremy Clarkson has become synonymous with cars and we have become so used to him looking the way he does that even though the cosmetic smile makeover revolution occurred it made no difference to him.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey’s earlier film roles of a teenager seemed to have worked for her without the need to alter the look of her smile. Her teeth actually made her acting more realistic and entertaining. However, as she has got older her teeth have also been worked on to suit her newer roles.

Steve Buscemi

Steve’s famous unattractive smile seems to have overridden all rules and boundaries. He seems to have gotten away with severely crooked teeth and remains a mystery as to why his teeth have not compromised his career. Perhaps it’s because of the type of roles he plays as in Reservoir Dogs, Con Air and Boardwalk Empire. They seem to be of eccentric and erratic people and personalities. In fact, in many instances his teeth give him that edge of realism and believability of his character. I suppose if Steve has a smile makeover he probably could diverge into different character roles.

Although, unattractive smiles seems to have worked for the odd few, a great smile, one that suits your face still remains to be a major confidence booster in the celebrity world and general public alike. Mostly because a great perfect smile symbolises youth, health and vitality. These are the anti-ageing things we desire the most that help to restore our self-confidence.

The secret lies in enhancing your smile in a specific way that suits you. At The Perfect Smile Studios, we have created numerous processes to help do just that – design a smile for you that becomes a positive reflection of you. It is about creating a natural look that is very realistic but also enhances your smile.

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