Before & After: Vanda C.

Treatments used: Full set of minimally invasive veneers

Nicola Crooked Teeth Before Nicola Crooked Teeth After

Short & Worn Yellow Teeth: Discolouration and Microdontia

Vanda, one of our loyal patients, had been self-conscious of her short teeth most of her life. Pre-existing conditions like bruxism were also increasing the problem and shortening her teeth even more.

Years of smoking and neglect had highly affected the patient’s oral health but we were able to reverse these effects and introduce a new set of white teeth using veneers. To finish, we used teeth whitening to match the bottom teeth on the lower jaw to the patient’s new set of veneers.

Patient testimonial:

“To all the very special people that go together to make The Perfect Smile Team, thank you. What a wonderful gift – you gave me back my smile! That, in turn, gave me back my life due to a renewed and restored confidence. I no longer feel miserable and isolated from the rest of the world. I was quite a sad and lonely person before and I know it’s not just the fact that now I have a gleaming smile, but it was the gleaming smile that gave me the confidence to meet new people. I will never be able to thank you all enough. Ash has extraordinary talent as a dentist and thanks again to the staff for their special skills. I am amazed at the kindness, understanding and tenderness as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm your team have. You are all special people and I cannot think of a more adept, professional, kind, friendly and dynamic staff.”