Before & After: Jackie S.

Treatments used: Ultrathin Veneers Treatment | Highly-Rated Teeth Whitening

Jackie Veneers Before Jackie Veneers After

Crooked Yellow Teeth

Jackie’s oral condition had extremely bothered her for quite some time and made her feel very unhappy with her smile.

Upon further oral inspection of her oral state, we could see some minor problems that included damage caused by decay, staining and slight misalignment caused by crooked teeth.

Our specialist dentists had prescribed a few treatments that would have been suitable, for example, orthodontic work using clear and discreet braces or pain-free veneers that could be applied really quickly in comparison.

After reviewing her options the patient opted for the veneer treatment with whitening to achieve a perfect smile that had longevity. A treatment plan was put together and the high-quality veneers were crafted.

Patient Review:

“I feel so much more confident about myself and all because I know I have a beautiful smile. It has changed my approach to life completely by making me a more positive person.”