Are dental implants considered cosmetic?

Are dental implants considered cosmetic?

Dental implants are treatments that are applicable to situations where there are missing teeth. They were originally conceived to replace teeth that had been lost due to decay, infection or damage. Their main purpose was to restore the chewing ability of the patient and the proper functioning of the teeth.

Dental Implants also prevent the other neighbouring and opposing teeth from tilting and moving over time into the space left by the original tooth.

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Aesthetics and function

However, over the years, dental implants evolved to serve a dual purpose of both aesthetics and function. This is especially true when it comes to the teeth in the front of the mouth.

The main driver for a combined aesthetic and functional ability of implants has been the loss of confidence felt by those that have missing front teeth. When teeth are lost they can also leave behind deteriorating self-esteem.


This has been known to have a significant negative impact on people and their lives. Dental treatments have been a welcome solution to many psychological issues arising from loss of teeth as well as physical dental disability. We can carry out dental implant treatments at our Hertford clinic.


  1. Single Dental Implant for Missing Front or Back Tooth
  2. Multiple Missing Teeth Solutions
  3. Dental Implants In A Day

Aesthetic dental implants for enhanced restorative work is now an established and growing field of dentistry. It covers treatments such as gum enhancements around the implant, as well as highly aesthetic porcelain crowns that are supported by the dental implant.

Treatments nowadays can replace any loss of gum, bone and tooth at the front of the mouth to result in realistic looking teeth and smiles.

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When any treatment planning is done for those cases where implants are being considered, the top part of the implant, whether it is a crown, bridge or denture, is designed with the new smile and aesthetics in mind.

In some cases, additional surgical treatments like gum and bone grafts are essential to produce enhance the gum architecture producing a realistic result. In others, a correctly shaped and highly aesthetic porcelain crown is all that is required.

All implant treatment plans take the colour, texture, shade, shape and size of the implant teeth into consideration.

The treatment is aimed at merging with the rest of the mouth so nobody can tell which teeth are real and which teeth are artificial.

Implants are more permanent than dentures or bridges making them a long-term solution. With regular care and attention, your dental implants can last a lifetime.

See ‘implants in a day‘ to more complex implant surgeries and you can spread the cost with 0%, no interest finance.

Prices start at £1999 and vary depending on the implant treatment you need. Find out more about implant costs.

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