Are dental crowns permanent?

Are dental crowns permanent?

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As with most things, nothing last forever. However, we do follow strict protocols to make sure that any treatment we do, including crowns, lasts as long as is physically possible. This focus applies to ant treatment regardless of its nature.

There are many variables that determine how long a particular treatment like crowns lasts. This is because the mouth is a dynamic environment and is in a constant mode of change.

This is primarily due to chewing pressures on the biting surfaces of teeth and the residual growth elements of the human body.

Factors that affect how long a crown should last

Proper treatment planning

It is important to undergo a detailed comprehensive assessment and examination of your entire mouth. Only then will the dentist understand the subtle interplay of all the various components of your mouth.

This includes any infection on your teeth and gums; the structural integrity of the individual teeth; which teeth need protection; if there are any missing teeth leaving gaps and spaces; the dynamics of your chewing and bite patterns; and whether you need a smile analysis done due to your cosmetic needs. Transform your smile with us.

Only after this can a dentist properly guide you to a compatible Treatment Plan. The more complex your treatment plan the more variables are introduced that can affect the longevity of your treatment. This also ensures that any pain experienced is minimal.

Proper selection of treatment

From the vast array of treatment now available on the market, we need to make sure that we choose the correct types of treatment, techniques, materials, brands and products.

This selection process is dependent upon the clinical examination. It is also dependent upon your needs and lifestyle.

Proper treatment

It is imperative that highly skilled and knowledgeable dentists carry out the treatment. They will have much clinical experience in how to carry out these treatments so that there is less likely to have any problems afterwards and in the future.

They will be following proven clinical research and innovative technologies to ensure a comfortable, cost-effective and long-lasting dentistry.

You can be reassured of high standards of dentistry from all clinicians at the Perfect Smile Studios.

proper aftercare

proper aftercare

Once treatment is done it is important that you continue to attend the practice for regular dental checkups and examinations. This is true for both dentist and hygienist appointments. When you complete your treatment your dentist will advise you as to how regularly you should attend.

On these appointments, the dentist can check for any changes in your teeth. The hygienist can check for infection in your teeth and gums.

Routine examinations mean that we can intervene at the necessary time ensuring your treatment lasts. Find out more about how we can repair your teeth.

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