5 Benefits Why People Get Dental Implants

7 in 10 people are opting for dental implants for their tooth replacement solution

Having dental implants  may appear to be a purely cosmetic solution for your appearance, but there are several benefits you may not be aware of in getting an implant.

“Dental implants are an excellent, long-term treatment for tooth replacement.”

Here are 5 benefits why dental implants are fast becoming a popular, dependable solution to replace your missing teeth:

1) Prevents Oral Health Problems

Missing or broken teeth shouldn’t be ignored. They can cause numerous oral health problems the longer they are ignored. Missing teeth can cause neighbouring teeth to tilt towards the gap or the teeth above to overerupt. This movement of neighbouring teeth may cause increased food and plaque stagnation around the teeth. This may cause gum disease and thus bone loss around these teeth.

Your teeth are vital in protecting your mouth from gum disease.

A denture, bridge or a dental implant can fill the gap of your missing tooth whilst benefiting and protecting your gums from bacterial plaque build up, around the adjacent teeth and the opposing tooth.

Why should you choose implants?

2) Successful long term results.

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular solution for tooth replacement because of their durability and long-lasting properties. Dental implant have been used for replacing missing teeth since 1950’s. Extensive long term, multi- site studies have shown implants can have an excellent long term outlook, depending on certain treatment criteria being met.

At your clinical examination with the help of radiographs and CT Scan; your dentist will inspect as to the suitability of implant treatment by examining your medical health, your bone structure, the bite, your gums and your chewing, as all these can influence the life of the implant.

With correct planning and if cared for properly, a dental implant can last in excess of twenty years. In fact, dental implants have an incredible 93% success rate 10 years after the initial treatment.

The key aspect as to the long term success would be not to smoke, have immaculate hygiene care of your mouth and implant and to visit the hygienist at least every 3 months. One of the key reasons why implants may fail is peri- implantitis, which is the infection of gums around the implant.

3) Restores Your Natural Smile and Confidence

Missing teeth can be a common cause of low-esteem and anxiety. An imperfect smile lowers the confidence of a person and may force people to hide their smile or avoid social events altogether. 96% of dental implant patients credit the treatment in restoring their confidence.See before and afters.

This could be not just because smile being affected by the missing tooth but also the difficulty in chewing. A gap of a single tooth or a few teeth can cause food to pack and cause discomfort when eating hard food. When missing several teeth, chewing beaches difficult of most food such as apples, steak, and crusty roll; this often affects choice of foods at restaurants and the chewing pattern in front of other people, thus affecting confidence. Replacement dentures can improve the aesthetics of a smile but will not improve the confidence when eating as the denture may move and the biting power of denture teeth is often a fraction when eating with natural teeth or implants.

4) Protects Your Facial Structure

Dental implants not only improve your oral health and appearance, they are vital in supporting your jaw structure.

Loss of teeth will cause bone to resorb in width and height. This bone loss can continue if a tooth is not replaced.  This is because bone is a living tissue and it will increase in quantity when stress is placed on it via a tooth or an implant, or reduce in quantity when the bone is subjected to nay forces from a tooth or implant.

Our jaw bone is designed to support your teeth, but if a tooth is missing, it could eventually lead to the jaw bone reducing in volume with the effect of reducing support of facial structure.

Dental Implants ensure your jaw structure remains intact.

5) Value for money, an Investment for the Future

Dental implants represent a fantastic value for your money because of their health benefits and appearance. Because the longevity of implants is excellent, the cost over the period of time that a patients will have the implant will create an excellent cost effective treatment option.

Flexible finance plans are designed and available to potential patients and if cared for properly, a dental implant can be a dependable investment for your future.

Find out what other benefits dental implants have on your future. Alternatively, let us help you discover what implant is best for you.

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Dental implants are treatments that are applicable to situations where there are missing teeth.

They were originally conceived to replace teeth that had been lost due to decay, infection or damage. Their main purpose was to restore the chewing ability of the patient and the proper functioning of the teeth.

Dental Implants also prevent the other neighbouring and opposing teeth from tilting and moving over time into the space left by the original tooth.


Implants – creating natural-looking smiles Dr. Gurs Sehmi has a wealth of experience in placing dental implants and has successfully transformed the smiles of many of our patients. “Missing teeth can be embarrassing and make us appear older than we actually are.

Dental implants are now widely considered the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth.