Private Dentistry Awards

Like any other industry, achievements and continuously maintaining high standards of practice are extremely important; arguably more important especially when it involves practices that manage the human body.

As a consequence, the awarding of accolades for recognition of achievements and high standards in all facets of the provision of dentistry to patients, is very important. It keeps the whole profession looking forward to improve and become better for the care of our patients. It is also important that these attributes are recognized by both the professional dental community and the general public alike.  

Our dentists on the judging panel

For this reason, a panel of judges are selected from the industry’s most prominent leaders and experts. For over ten years now, Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi have worked as part of the judging team for the National Private Dentistry Awards.

This forms part of their continued work to support the dental industry to increase the standards of care provided to patients across the UK. They are valued for their experience and integral position as opinion leaders in the profession. 

Drs’ Doshi look at all types of areas of notable importance such as Best Practice, Best Dentist, Best Patient Care, Best Treatment, Best Employee, Best Team, Best Innovation etc. Their experience ranges from understanding all the categories that recognise excellence in dental care such as leadership, team building, innovation, patient care, and practice improvements. This alongside the clinical knowledge they have acquired and practised for many years allows them to judge the quality of dental care that applicants provide.

It takes considerable time and work to filter the very best and commended from all the practices in the UK.

Dr. Doshi’s clinical directorship at Premium Practice Dentistry (a national dental publication) and his clinical directorship at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute has exposed him to all the latest innovations and the newest techniques in dentistry. This too has helped him in having the experience necessary to be able to judge the awards.

Dr. Doshi says, “Being asked to present awards to the winners, gives me much pride in our profession and reassures me of the progress we are all making. At The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute is has been our main philosophy to make sure that we are constantly striving for greater heights. This is reflected in my teaching and in the caliber of qualified dentists that I have taught over the years. I have very much enjoyed my work with the National Private Dentistry Awards and I look forward to many more successful years”.


How the Private Dentistry Awards help you

The benefit of judging has allowed Drs’ Doshi to stay abreast of all competition by having insights into the progressive nature of the dental industry. They are able to see various types of practice developments in improving patient care and treatment options and thus have been able to introduce these ideas to their practice. Thus, like our patients, you are always receiving the best care possible from our team.

 “I want to make sure that all our patients get the opportunity to know how dentistry has moved on and all the amazing things we can now do. For instance, we can straighten teeth for adults in less than six months, we do fillings without using the need for an anesthetics or the dentist’s drill and we can create smile makeovers without cutting teeth. These are exciting times in dental innovation”, explains Dr. Doshi.

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