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Dr. Doshi helped cosmetic dentists

Dr. Doshi helping Cosmetic DentistsDr. Rahul Doshi, a trusted clinical director and senior dentist at the Perfect Smile Studios was proud to be announced that he was a mentor to the professionals in Dental Circle. This collaborates with his other work in the dental profession. Read more.

“Staying abreast of new ideas and thoughts in dentistry is very important to helping patients achieve their dentistry in the most optimum way possible. And dentistry is changing all the time.

It is great to be part of such enthusiasm and an innovative movement to change dental perception in a positive way”. Dr. Rahul Doshi.

Share ideas, cases and innovations

Dental Circle is a brand new social media network of professionals within the dental industry whose aim is to excel and move the industry forward. There are real-time conversations occurring which allow for advancements to be made quickly and efficiently.

It also provides a great platform to showcase ideas, cases and innovations. The Dental Circle gives Dr. Doshi up to date information and adds to his already immeasurable experience of the dental industry hence facilitating progression in dental health.

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Why is it so important for a dentist to remain cutting edge?Capture

  • It helps patients achieve the dentistry they need in the best way possible. Dentistry no longer needs to be a scary place which in the past filled people with dread. There are so many anti-anxiety techniques and products that help to calm and relax people, thus enabling them to accept the dentistry. This then leads to a healthier and better mouth. Click here to find out about our anxious patient treatment.
  • Patients can now customise their treatment plans to suit their specific budget and exact requirements. This means that they can often meet their objectives in the best way possible for them. See: Treatment Fees.
  • If there is an easier, quicker and more long-term way of doing something, it makes sense to choose that option. Modern advances give this choice. Find out more.
  • Newer and better treatment choices enable the dentistry carried out to last as long as possible without the fear of rapid deterioration. Click here for Harley Street consultations.
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    Experience combined with innovation leads to an exceptional possibility in options. Especially when it comes to more complex dentistry like cosmetic dentistry or dental implant Patients at the Perfect Smile Studios are fortunate to be able to take advantage of this combination that Dr. Doshi offers to all whom he treats.

Cutting edge dentistry in North London & Hertfordshire

So welcome to new thought arenas like Dental Circle because they enable us to remain cutting edge.

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us please contact us on 01992 552115 and we will be happy to answer all your questions regarding dentistry.

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