Before & After: Deborah H.

Treatments prescribed for the patient: Painless, no-prep veneers | Cosmetic teeth whitening | Hygiene Clean

Deborah Veneers Before Deborah Veneers After

Treatment for Long, Worn & Yellow Teeth

Veneers are used to treat a wide variety of dental concerns, from narrow smiles to gaps between teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a non-invasive way to restore severely damaged and worn teeth.

This is because veneers are not just powerful devices aesthetically but are strong components that have the ability to preserve as much dental structure as possible.

This means that veneers are very reliable in preventing wear, tear and damage to natural, existing teeth.

The patient had a few dental issues; two missing back teeth, discolouration and clear yellow staining to bottom teeth, plaque buildup and tartar formation and worn upper incisors with pockets emerging.

A thorough clean was carried out by a hygienist to stop gingivitis in its tracks and veneers to cover the top and bottom incisors. Teeth whitening was then used to blend and match teeth.